Brooklyn Tax Planning and Preparation

With the tax information easily accessible online, you may think it’s straightforward to prepare your own tax return today, but are you really taking advantage of all the tax benefits you’re allowed when you do it yourself? Whether you’re an individual, small business, or corporation, the answer is probably not.

Why? The tax laws are complicated, and they change all the time. Even filing a simple return is a confusing process with new laws, codes, and regulations passing regularly. A deduction you were allowed last year may bring up a red flag with the IRS this year. There may also be deductions, credits, and other tax reduction possibilities for you or your business that you’ll never figure out without an experienced tax professional, even if you use the tax preparation software.

Tax planning is also a critical part of tax preparation. There are many ways you can save money on taxes legally, but only if you know the laws and prepare in advance. That’s why S. Rozenberg & Associates is a Brooklyn accounting firm offering tax planning services along with the tax preparation for individuals and businesses to ensure, that we reduce your tax liability by recommending strategies that also maximize your after tax income according to the laws and regulations.

Our Tax Planning Services

In a comprehensive tax analysis, we can discover ways to reduce your individual, small business, or corporate taxes if there are legitimate ways to do so.

Our Tax Preparation Services

We’re tax professionals here at S. Rozenberg & Associates who make learning and applying the complex tax laws, tax codes, and tax regulations an ongoing priority. If there’s a legal, legitimate way to lower your taxes on your return, we’ll find it. Our tax preparation services include:

  • Federal, state, and local tax return preparation for individuals, small businesses, and corporations
  • Payroll tax and sales tax return preparation for small businesses and corporations
  • Option for easy electronic filing
  • Advice on how to reduce your tax liability for next year
  • IRS problem resolution and audit representation

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When you need tax help, you can count on S. Rozenberg & Associates. We’re an accounting firm in Brooklyn that can help with all of your tax planning and tax preparation needs.

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