Brooklyn Tax and IRS Problem Resolution Services

Facing an IRS audit is intimidating, even if you’re sure you’ve done nothing wrong in your tax reporting. That’s just one of the many reasons why you should never face an IRS audit alone. You should always have someone on your side to solve your tax issues and to negotiate the best possible tax settlement if the IRS finds you owe a tax debt.

S. Rozenberg & Associates is a Brooklyn accounting firm you can turn to when you’re subject to an IRS audit. We’ll represent you and negotiate the best settlement possible on your behalf. We can resolve your IRS problems without the need for garnishing of your wages, savings, property, pension, or Social Security benefits.

Our years of expertise and ongoing education in tax laws means we understand all of the rules, speak IRS auditor language, and know what it takes to get you out of this intimidating situation.

Our IRS Problem Resolution Services

We’re an accounting firm in Brooklyn offering a comprehensive range of IRS problem resolution services, including:

  • IRS audit representation
  • Offers in compromise
  • IRS collection procedure relief
  • IRS debt settlement
  • Payment plan negotiation
  • Halting wage garnishment, property liens, and bank account levies
  • Correcting previously filed tax returns
  • Filing previously non-filed tax returns

Contact Us Today

Never ignore IRS problems. They’ll only get worse, and the interest and penalties added daily just make getting out from underneath your tax debt unmanageable. If you’re in need of tax help, Brooklyn or NYC, call S. Rozenberg & Associates at (718) 891-0500 for a free, no-obligation initial phone consultation about your IRS problems.

Regardless of whether you owe a tax debt or not, never go through an IRS tax audit alone. Call S. Rozenberg & Associates.


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